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COVID-19 Business Disruption – Updates

As of March 16 2020, in conjunction with the Washington state Emergency Proclamation, and to protect the safety of our membership, we will be closing our doors for the unforeseeable future until given the green light to resume business.

Please stay tuned to this page for all future updates of the lodge.  We will also be posting updates to the situation throughout our social media accounts.

March 16 2020

At this moment here are the major impacts of the lodge.

  • The bar is now closed 
  • All dining is now closed
  • All scheduled banquets in the upcoming month are cancelled/postponed.  (If you have currently rented our establishment for your event, we will be reaching out to you very shortly)
  • All advertised events in the next month are now cancelled, or postponed.
  • All Lodge Meetings for the next month are now cancelled.
  • Purple Bubble Ball will be rescheduled.
  • Installation of officers will take place in a private setting.  The ceremony will still happen, but when business can resume, for ceremonial purposes.

Everyone please stay safe and watch over your family and friends.  Like all adversity that faces the 593, we too will overcome this.