Support Through Advertising

Want to advertise on our website and show the Community that you support the Aberdeen Elks?  It’s easy! 

  • Please send a check donation of at least $59.30 made out to Aberdeen Elks #593.
  • Send to 1712 S Boone St, Aberdeen, WA 98520
  • Include a business card or printed graphic of similar dimension (2″x3.5″) that we will scan in.
  • Include a note stating the check is for Website Advertising!
  • Also include an email where we can reach you if we have any questions and so we can thank you!
  • After that your ad will roll on our website for eternity.  Or as long as the website stays alive!
  • For 3 months you will be spotlighted on the main homepage also.

And that’s it!  Your donation will help support the costs of the website, general lodge expenses, and other future digital projects.